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Android wirelessly controls LED "lamp"
This tutorial shows you how to use your Android device to wirelessly control a LED lamp, and it also changes the color of the lamp.
2012-02 (NO. 1)
Puzzle 1 - Brain Crash
A crazy puzzle is waiting for you to solve. Only 4% of all players solved this puzzle.
2006-11 (NO. 2)
Tag your photo on the Google map
The photo itself contains the geolocation information, and it will be automatically detected, then displayed on the Google map. How cool it is.
2008-10 (NO. 3)
Puzzle 2 - Top Secret
Welcome Bond! Your boss left you some top secret questions. You have to figure them out from any possible clues. Let's see how smart Bond is! Wish you luck!
2006-12 (NO. 4)
Puzzle 3 - Dr. Crazy
In this game, you are an international student from the United Kingdom, and have just been accepted by a university in Toronto, Canada. You have heard that your instructor, Dr. Crazy, is a well-known lunatic person. He often challenges his students with many weird questions.
2007-02 (NO. 5)
2007-04 (NO. 6)
Flash Game - Last Longer
How fast can you click the mouse, and accurately? This game will tell you.
2006-09 (NO. 7)
Flash Game - Challenge Your Memory
How many numbers can you remember in a very limited time? Try this game and challenge your memory. This game has being be played by thousands of people. The result indicates that 11 is the average amount of numbers which can be remembered by people in a very short time.
2006-09 (NO. 8)
It's a Chinese quick test
Looking for fun stuff to kill some time. Here we go. Don't take it too seriously, but think hard for the answer. Enjoy!
2005-12 (NO. 9)
Do you really know colors well? Test it out!
Only 10 levels. Many people cannot pass it in the first try. Find out how many times you need to beat it. Hint: read the instruction carefully before start the game.
2005-04 (NO. 10)
Online Chatting Room
Just enter a name and start to talk. It will become an important communication tool when IM software is not available.
2006-12 (NO. 11)
VERY simple real-time stock API
This is a VERY simple real-time stock API. The data is based on Yahoo Finance. If you need it for your apps, go ahead.
2009-10 (NO. 12)
Filter out all the images from a web page
Handy tool. It filters out all the images from a web page.
2008-08 (NO. 13)
Add text on your image
Simple application. Add some text on your image.
2006-11 (NO. 14)

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